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Ekpenyong cautions against another civil war in Nigeria


Senator Christopher Ekpenyong, representing Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district, Akwa Ibom State has stressed the need to address issues of nepotism, marginalization, and ethnic bias threatening the unity of Nigeria.

Ekpenyong in a statement made available to newsmen yesterday in Uyo, warned that failure to address such issues could lead to another civil war. He said it is disappointing that the same problems that took the country to civil war are currently fueling the agitations for secession, devolution of powers and restructuring by Nigerians.

He pointed out that anybody who had witnessed the Nigeria civil war would not wish for a reoccurrence of the experience.

His words, “There is the need to address issues like marginalization, nepotism, ethnic bias and favoritism threatening the unity, and peaceful co-existence of this country.

“It is disappointing these problems that took us through such regrettable path of civil war still lingers on. And we are not doing anything to prevent a reoccurrence of such dark path in our nation’s history.

“That is why we are having all these agitations for secession, restructuring, devolution of powers; addressing the economic inequalities, injustices in the system is long overdue. When are we going to learn from that sad experience of war?

“Today we are still witnessing economic inequalities in our system, where infrastructural development, key appointments, employment opportunities are spread based on ethnic, political and even religious affiliation.

“And if something is not done urgently about the poverty, corruption, unemployment and incompetence in governance threatening our democracy and national security, it may lead to Rwandan experience. We are yet to heal from the wounds of the civil war”


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