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Trump is still president for 10 more weeks


Donald Trump might have lost the US election but he still has 10 more weeks in the top job.

Democrat Joe Biden claimed victory during the weekend and started work on the transition, but Mr Trump has yet to give any sign that he will concede the election and vacate the White House in January.

Instead, he is digging his heels in, firing out tweets on Monday alleging voter fraud in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, without offering evidence.

He has been given qualified support by the Attorney General William Barr who has told federal prosecutors to look into “substantial” allegations of voting irregularities but urged them not to pursue “fanciful or far fetched claims.”

Spurred on by Mr Trump’s tweets and a bizarre news conference by his lawyer Rudy Giuliani outside a Philadelphia landscaping business, some Republicans have complained about problems with signatures, postmarks on postal ballots and the inability of their poll watchers to scrutinize the counts.

Mr Trump himself is backed by his sons Don Jr and Eric, both of whom have pushed for their father to hold firm and tweeted or re-tweeted claims of voter fraud.

Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been more careful, however, saying on Twitter that “every legally-cast vote should be counted”.

Source: SkyNews


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