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Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu (Onye-Ije) the CEO of Onye-Ije Media is an international igbo newscaster, MC, Igbo Comedian and also a teacher who teaches in different languages such as igbo,English, & German language

Mazi.Ifeanyi Nwosu hails from Akaboezem, Uruagu Nnewi in Nnewi North Local government area of Anambra state Nigeria.

Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu discovered his comic and broadcasting talent while at Umuezeagu Community Primary School Uruagu Nnewi.

His passion for comedy and broadcasting paved way for his career to be professionally enhanced hence, he travelled to Austria to study German language between 2003/2006.

He worked with Okto TV Vienna Austria as a foreign presenter through an NGO called (INTERFACE) then came back to Nigeria in october 2006 and started business alongside with entertainment with so much investment to ensure the culture of Igbo language is promoted and well preserved via the platform “Onye-Ije” media production and entertainment.As a stand up Igbo comedian/newscaster he held an enviable quadruple record ground breaking comedy shows in countries like Republic of china,Austria,Germany and other African countries.
The program popularly known as (Onye-Ije) portrays recent news and dissemination of Igbo language activities around the world.

Okto TV Austria was a medium for his programme to reach out to Igbo’s in Vienna Austria in 2006 and thereby made the Igbo culture and foods more pronounced.
Mazi.Ifeanyi Nwosu is married to Chinyere Nwosu and they have three kids. Ifeanyi Nwosu is the CEO of Ifeanyi nwosu Igbo academy,an educational institution where the language Igbo is professionally handled by qualified teachers with over hundreds of students.

This platform will showcase the Igbo culture, lifestyle,achievement and its activities as well detailed in the magazine.
Conclusively, I would say that the igbo’s are great tribe with undeniable proofs all over the world and that is the reason for their high peculiarities over other tribes.

Let love be our watchword for one another in other to preserve our culture.

Once again I say:
Igbo Amaka
Asusu Igbo Amaka
Omenaala Igbo Amaka
Ndi Igbo bu Eze
Ndi Igbo bu ndi nke Chukwu

Join me and decree that it shall continue to be well with us by the grace of God Almighty. Amen

Aha m ka bukwa “Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu” Onye-Ije – Ndi Igbo